Rebecca is a student at Concordia University, St. Paul pursuing a degree in 5–12 Education: Communication Arts and Literature as a Lutheran classroom teacher. She minors in journalism and is the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, The Sword. She also enjoys playing bass guitar for worship services on campus and co-leading the women’s Bible study, Propel. When Rebecca is not writing, she goes on hikes with her dog, Cora.

Recent Posts by Rebecca Beasley

What I Learned Leading a Women's Bible Study

Every Monday at 9:00 p.m. (yes, you read that right), three of my friends and I meet to prepare for the women’s Bible study we lead at Concordia University. We can have anywhere from five to twenty gals show up for what we call “Propel.” The four of us divide the responsibilities of leadership so that no one gets burned out.

A Student’s Sneak Peek into Deliver Us

My book list for last semester was more hefty than usual, and I dreaded putting in my $100 order at the bookstore. But there was one relief. A required book written by my professor wasn’t published yet, so we would be receiving the manuscript from him for free. What luck! I was excited to save some money, even though it still meant I had to read what I expected to be a dull textbook. My expectation was not met.

Six Christian Books for Busy College Students

Classes keep you busy, and you look forward to those five minutes you can spend doomscrolling on your phone at the end of the day. I get it. Sometimes you need to turn your brain off and mindlessly scroll. But couldn’t you spend those minutes doing something better for yourself?

What if you spent those five minutes connecting with God instead? Concordia Publishing House has six books that are perfect for the busy student who only has a couple minutes for peace. Each book can be broken up into easy-to-read sections. They are also great for meditation. Read on to see why I recommend these books!

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