Megan Pellock is from Edwardsville, Illinois. She is a senior public relations major at Illinois State University. Megan has been a volunteer at her church’s VBS as well as a child actor in VBS videos. She is formerly an intern for Concordia Publishing House in the Public Relations department.

Recent Posts by Megan Pellock

Adding Calligraphy to Your Devotion Time

What draws you to art? Is it the colors? the images? Have you ever been drawn to a work of art because of the words—not just the meaning of them, but how prettily the words are written?

Celebrating 150: Arch Books

Think back to when you were a child. Your day likely consisted of being woken up by your parents, playing with your toys, and eating grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. When the day was over, mom or dad might have read you a bedtime story, and that book may have been a book with an arch in the corner. For many Lutherans, this was a childhood staple.

What Does It Mean To Be A Lutheran? Grace, Faith, and Scripture Alone

It is a complicated question. What makes a Lutheran? Belief in grace alone, faith alone, and Scripture alone is often used to describe the essence of a Lutheran. These three “solas” are a good overview of what Lutheranism is and what defines our relationship with God. Dr. Daniel E. Paavola addresses this and other questions about his new book Grace, Faith, Scripture: Portrait of a Lutheran.

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