Kim E. Bestian is a trained Lutheran elementary school teacher, director of children’s ministry, pastor’s wife, mother, and grandmother. She loves to share how God, the Almighty Architect, has helped her build children’s ministry over her many years of experience.

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Teach and Impress God's Words on Your Children

Each evening after dinner, our whole family would clear the dishes and gather again at the table for family devotions.

How to Have Family Devotions

As a child, family devotions were a highlight of each day. We gathered after dinner for this short yet amazing family time together. Sometimes us kids even got to lead them. One night, it was my little brother’s turn. He was only three. Watching the rest of us as examples to follow with object lesson ideas, he wanted to do something too. We all watched as he brought out crayons and other interesting supplies. After handing everything out to us while we tried to hide our giggles, he finally sat down and folded his hands. Out of his mouth came three little but very powerful words: “God is love.” That was it. That was the whole devotion. Best devotion we ever had. That little brother is now in his fifties. We still remember his message from God to our family even to this day.

Children and the Story of Martin Luther

When I was a little girl, our family had a children’s book about Martin Luther. I think it was called Little Martin Luther.

7 Ways to Pray for Parents at Your Church

Some parents may not realize the importance of teaching the faith at home. Here are some simple ways to support these families through prayer.

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