Dr. Joel Biermann is Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Concordia Seminary Saint Louis.

Recent Posts by Joel Biermann

Pray for Me

“[The word amen] is nothing else than the word of undoubting faith, which does not pray on a dare but knows that God does not lie to him. . . . For He has promised to grant it.”  (Large Catechism, Part 3, Last Petition).

The Forgotten Festival: 7 Reasons to Rejoice on Ascension Day

There are no decorated evergreens, no greeting cards, no gifts, no poinsettias or lilies, no colored eggs, no chocolate bunnies, and no responsive salutation. There’s just a Thursday with an extra name: Ascension. It’s not just the world that has ignored the festival. The Church seems to have lost interest as well. Most congregations have elected to forgo a worship service on Ascension and those that cling to the tradition count on few to attend. Apparently, Ascension Day doesn’t matter.

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