FLAME is a GRAMMY®-nominated and Stellar Award-winning hip hop artist. He is a well-versed leader in the Christian hip hop scene with a growing list of accolades, including a GRAMMY nomination, multiple Billboard chart-toppers, and several Dove and Stellar Award nominations. He was born and raised in the inner city of St. Louis, Missouri. He has released nine albums to date under his own imprint. FLAME’s latest releases include four EPs, including Extra Nos (2020), which was his first project as a Lutheran. For over a decade, FLAME has traveled throughout five continents performing music that has impacted the masses. In addition to touring, writing, recording, and coproducing his own projects, FLAME founded and helms Clear Sight Music and Extra Nos Academy, boutique imprints raising the bar in Christian hip hop and beyond. He has a master’s degree in theology with a minor in counseling from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.

Recent Posts by FLAME

FLAME’s Experience with Confession and Absolution

Read Christian hip hop artist FLAME’s powerful first experience with Confession and Absolution and the comfort it provides. The following has been adapted from Extra Nos: Discovering Grace outside Myself.

How Does God Apply Grace to Our Lives?

Our world is a sinful, broken mess. Yet God uses people and things around us to deliver His grace. Is it weird that God uses lowly parts of His creation for His perfect purposes? Christian hip hop artist FLAME explains how God uses physical elements to deliver His good gifts. The following has been adapted from FLAME’s book, Extra Nos: Discovering Grace outside Myself.

Did Jesus Die for Everyone?

We hear in church that “Jesus died for everyone,” but why are some people saved and others are not? Did Jesus only die for some people? These are questions Christian hip-hop artist FLAME struggled with too. Read his account about this struggle in his faith. The following is adapted from Extra Nos: Discovering Grace outside Myself.

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