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Elizabeth Pittman

Elizabeth Pittman is the manager of public relations and CGO at Concordia Publishing House. She received degrees from Valparaiso University and the University of Missouri School of Law. It should come as no surprise that Elizabeth is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus. Her life is very busy raising three active young boys with her husband.

Recent Posts by Elizabeth Pittman

Adding Color to Your Devotion Time with Portals of Prayer

There's something about putting pen, or pencil, to paper while studying that helps reinforce our memory. This is true whether you're taking notes in a meeting, in the classroom, or studying Scripture.

My Pastor Is . . .

The vocation of pastor is not an easy one. We often view the role through rose-colored glasses: the pastor as shepherd, someone who guides and guards his peaceful flock. While that is true, another image to describe a pastor is that of shock absorber.

Q&A with Cynthia Brown, author of Energizing Your Children's Ministry

In her new book, Energizing Your Children's Ministry, author Cynthia Brown shares insights and practical tools for church workers and volunteers who make children's ministry happen. We caught up with Cynthia to talk about her book and her experiences in children's ministry.

5 Great Tools to Memorize Luther's Small Catechism

After school is homework time at my house. The kids are working on their homework, and as I tell them, “Mom has some homework too.” So they work through math problems, reading assignments, and memory work while I tackle emails or other work projects that need to be addressed before the end of the day. Recently, during our homework time, I perked up when my eight-year-old said, “Alexa, open the Small Catechism.” Alexa greeted him, then Connor asked, “Alexa, what is the Second Commandment?”

The Unholy Trinity: Martin Luther against the Idol of Me, Myself, and I

“Everyone with a sin problem has a deeper idolatry problem; and since we all sin, idolatry is everyone’s problem.” —Michael Lockwood

The Enduring Value of Martin Luther's 95 Theses

In 1517, Martin Luther never imagined that the simple action of nailing his 95 Theses to the church door would spark a reformation. All he had hoped to do was start a conversation.

First Look | Why Should I Trust the Bible?

Here's your first look at Why Should I Trust the Bible? written by A. Trevor Sutton, the author of Being Lutheran.

National Coloring Book Day

Fans of adult coloring books don't usually need a reason to pick up their colored pencils. But, if you are looking for a reason to color today, look no further. Today is National Coloring Book Day! Hooray!