Donna Snow is a popular speaker and author. She has written more than thirty Bible studies and books, including The God of All Comfort, Without This Ring: Surviving Divorce, and Forgiveness. She frequently leads workshops and Bible study courses and is an active supporter of mission work.

Recent Posts by Donna Snow

What Joseph's Story Teaches about Trusting God to Lead

Although he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Joseph [in Genesis 39–40] is now a slave. As Joseph starts his new life in Potiphar’s house, God begins molding Joseph into the wise leader he will become. Joseph never asked for that path or such preparation—and sometimes, neither do we.

What We Can Learn about Perseverance from Nehemiah

We all have one thing hanging over our lives that has been there far too long. It could be a habit to break, an addiction to conquer, a goal to accomplish, a long-standing project to complete, a relationship to restore or end, or a debt to retire. That one thing keeps showing up and outstaying its welcome. It sits smack dab in the middle of the room like the proverbial pink elephant. Everyone tiptoes around it—never acknowledging or discussing it.

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