Five Reasons to Start Reading with CPH Reads

When I was younger, I loved being part of reading programs. I would stay up all night under the covers with a flashlight, reading some of my favorite books until my parents would come in and tell me to go to bed. Once I started growing up, my love of reading books for pleasure was replaced with the necessity of reading books for my education. But a love for reading should be in every child’s—and every adult’s—heart. Why not pledge to read more this year with the CPH Reads program? In fact, I have five great reasons why you and your family should join this new reading adventure.

Keeping Up Outside of School

The summer reading slump is normal; school is out, and there are no more required reading assignments. Reading for pleasure is not every kid’s forte, and getting a child to read outside of the classroom can be difficult for working moms and dads. The CPH Reads program will encourage your child to read during the summer, helping them to maintain their reading level and not fall behind.

Reading Lists for All Ages

Although many reading programs are meant for children, CPH Reads is designed for everyone, from tiny little ones to grandparents. There are reading lists for every age group, allowing the whole family to compete together to see who can read and learn the most. Make CPH Reads a family event this year and create time to read together daily.

Reading Closer to Christ

Every book on the reading lists, from early childhood to adult books, is meant to bring you closer to Christ. Whether it’s through simple daily devotions for children or in-depth books on apologetics for adults, each and every book you complete will bring you closer to your Savior. Perhaps each title will help your child understand Christ’s love for them more clearly or will help you see parts of the Bible with a new perspective. No matter what, the most exciting thing about CPH Reads is that it’s entirely focused on being Christ-centered.

Fill In the Family Bookshelf

One of the saddest things for an avid reader to see is an empty bookshelf in the house. Use the reading program to stock your bookshelves with new titles for your collection. In the future, your children will thank you for saving their beloved books so that they can pass down their favorite picture stories and the love of Christ to their children.

Amazing Prizes to Win

Although the best prize of all is reading God’s Word and growing in Christ, the CPH Reads program has a handful of prizes that readers can win. For eligibility, individuals must log their books to earn points. The deadline to log points is Friday, August 7. Compete with readers across the country for the grand prize, or read for leisure and a chance to win a Bible, children’s book, or the new Illuminated Hymnal coloring book. As always, read to focus on the ultimate prize of knowing your Savior and all the gifts that He provides.

Reading programs are a great way to keep children engaged in something educational throughout the summer. With options for adults to join CPH Reads, this can be a great way to bring your family together around a good book and the love of Christ. Block out some time for your family to sit down and read together today.

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