You Are Part of Preparing Pastors

I’ve seen firsthand the number of people it takes to prepare a pastor for ministry. As the wife of a current seminarian, I’ve been on the receiving end of the many people who have supported me and my husband as he prepares to be a pastor. We are so thankful and humbled by the ways in which we’ve been supported while Joel attends seminary. I know that many in the church want to support those who choose to go into church work, and I want to encourage you to do so and to thank you in the ways you already do.

How Christians Can Respond to Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is a hot topic right now. It seems like a celebrity is being “canceled” each day for many things: actions, words said, pictures posted. The following is a post in dialogue with a section on cancel culture in Redeeming Technology: A Christian Approach to Healthy Digital Habits

Dwell: December Everyday Faith Calendar

Is your Christmas shopping done yet? Yes? Congratulations, you win Christmas this year! No? Good luck. Haven’t you heard about all the shipping delays, inventory shortages, and lack of retail workers?

Do You Notice Hurting People?

Almost a decade ago, there was a movement that dealt with the rise in motorcycle accidents. It started with a simple billboard campaign, “Start Seeing Motorcycles.” Unlike some ads, this one worked. It got the attention of motorists, and many changed their driving behavior. I became more aware of bikers on the road. That was easy to do, since at the time I lived in Harley country.

The Dangers of Pride and Distraction in Social Media

The following is an excerpt from Redeeming Technology by A. Trevor Sutton and Brian Smith MD. Social Media has become increasingly prevalent across age groups. Although it does bring some benefits in terms of connection, social media can also be a breeding ground for discontentment, pride, and distraction.

Avoiding “Us vs. Them” Attitudes

“God, I thank you that I am not like other men, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even like this tax collector” (Luke 18:11).

Staying Content during the Holiday Season

Every year as Christmas approaches, I find myself making wish lists—clothing, makeup, housewares, you name it. My Instagram feed is filled with ads for products that would make great additions to my closet or jewelry box.
I lean toward materialistic tendencies anyway (I’m working on it!), but during this time of year, I definitely lean even more towards wanting more, more, more.

Waiting: November Everyday Faith Calendar

There are forty-one days until Thanksgiving, forty-four days until the start of Advent, seventy-one days until Christmas morning, and seventy-eight days until the beginning of the new year. I’m guessing that if your life is anything like mine, you also have personal countdowns you could add to this list. Perhaps your countdown is for an upcoming birthday, the end of a school semester, the next time you will see your family, a doctor’s appointment or test result coming up, or a special event or trip. There is always a countdown to something. And a countdown is just another way to say that you are waiting for something to happen.

Curly Hair and God's Good Care

Not too long ago I found myself with a hand full of the most surprising war tools. In my right hand, multiple bottles of assorted potions sitting between the crevices of my four fingers with my thumb curled around them. In my left hand—a comb.

Responsibility: October Everyday Faith Calendar

“I hope we are going to learn about Jesus!” These were the words my three-year-old, and newly minted preschooler, spoke to me as we chatted about what she might do at school the next day. “We didn’t do any activities, but we did learn about Jesus!” was the report from my four-year-old after his first day of school.

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