Spring Break Activities to Deepen Your Family’s Faith

Spring is just around the corner, and with it, spring break! This week can be a restful time and help your family “spring” into the next season.

With Lent and Holy Week starting too, this time off can coincide with more intentional spiritual time within your family. Whether you are taking the kids to grandma’s or staying at home, this time can be a moment to reset your schedule and start a new practice.


First Peter 4:10 says, “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace.” With time to spare, spring break can be an opportunity to humbly serve.

Volunteering is one way we can show Christ’s love to others. By serving as a family, you get quality time together while reinforcing the importance and blessings of Christian service. Check out the local animal shelter, ask your local church if they have any jobs that need to be done, or ask to help an older friend with their yard work and spring cleaning.

Dinner Devos

Growing up, my family rarely ate dinner separately. Dinnertime was handled as if it might be our only chance to interact during the day. When everyone is done eating but no one has left the table, take out devotional materials and discuss them. Use Portals of Prayer or a copy of My Devotions, or just read a short Bible passage to talk about.

I know a family that does this every night. No matter who or how many people are at their table, they read the current issue of My Devotions, which often springs into more conversations and other ideas. Eating meals with them had a huge impact on growing my faith and gave me a model of a Christian family.

Spring break is the perfect chance to start this new habit. Make it a goal to do a devotion together once a day during this break and see how it goes!

Read the Bible Together

The Bible can be hard to read. As a relatively new Christian, this was something that came as a surprise to me. The intricacies of the culture, language, and message can be hard to understand without some guidance. Taking time to read the Bible out loud with your children is a chance to help guide their understanding of Scripture. Take the week to go through a smaller book together, such as Philemon, Jonah, or 1 John.

Spring break is a good time to try out new ways of developing a culture of faith in your family. Because this time already brings your family out of your routine, it is a good chance to add something new. Take the week as a challenge to start something new in your family’s faith life!

Here's a quick way to start your family's new devotional routine.

Download Free Week of Devotions

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