Erica Tape is a missionary serving in the Dominican Republic. As a writer and editor, she has worked at Concordia Publishing House, at Concordia Seminary, and as a freelancer. You can usually find her practicing her imperfect Spanish, running, reading, or spending quality time with her husband and daughter.

Recent Posts by Erica Tape

You Are Not Alone This Christmas

My husband, our daughter, and I serve as missionaries in the Dominican Republic. When holidays come around, naturally we compare what we do here with what we do back in the States. That comparison game can often leave me feeling angry and discouraged.

When We Forget How God Determines Our Worth

When I started working at CPH in 2015, one of the first things I got to do was a strengths-finder personality test. Everyone in the marketing department had their top five strengths listed on little labels by their desks. Here were my top five:

As a Christian, Can I Have It All?

If I could “have it all” as a missionary, here’s what my life would look like . . .

Spiritual Warfare in the Mission Field

Serving as a missionary is a noble and exciting calling in service to God’s people. However, it isn’t uncommon for missionaries to suffer from heightened doubts, fear, and other spiritual attacks in their vocation. In this post, Erica Tape reminds us that God can work through difficult circumstances in our lives to point us to His provision and care.

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