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Devotion on Hebrews 10:11–25 | Proper 28 - Year B

The Epistle is our focus today, and we read an excerpt from Concordia Commentary: Hebrews.

Devotion for Proper 27 - Year B

Today’s devotion pulls together all the readings and comes from Concordia Pulpit Resources.

Devotion on Deuteronomy 6:1–9 | Proper 26 - Year B

Our theme for today comes from the Old Testament Reading, and we read a devotion from Luther’s Works, Volume 9 (Lectures on Deuteronomy).

Devotion on Hebrews 7:23–28 | Proper 25 - Year B

Our focus is on the Epistle this Sunday, and we read a devotion from Concordia Commentary: Hebrews.

Devotion on Ecclesiastes 5:10–20 | Proper 24 - Year B

Today we focus on the reading from Ecclesiastes 5, specifically verses 18–20. Our devotional reading is from Concordia Commentary: Ecclesiastes.

Devotion on Mark 10:17–22 | Proper 23 - Year B

We focus on the Gospel of the day, which is about the rich young man in Mark 10. Our devotion is from Meditations on the Gospels.

Devotion on Genesis 2:18–25 | Proper 22 - Year B

The Old Testament Reading is our focus today and our devotion comes from Luther’s Works, Volume 1 (Lectures on Genesis Chapters 1–5).

Devotion on James 5:1–20 | Proper 21 - Year B

Today we focus on the reading from James, which discusses the importance of prayer. Our devotion is from What Luther Says and includes quotes from Luther about this important aspect a Christian’s faith.

Devotion on James 3:13—4:10 | Proper 20 - Year B

Our devotion for today is about the Epistle and comes from God’s Word for Today: James.

Devotion on Mark 9:14-29 | Proper 19 - Year B

Today we focus on the Gospel, Mark 9:14–29, which includes the account of a father’s confession of faith while asking Jesus to cast the demon out of his son. Our devotional reading comes from Words of Promise: Daily Devotions through the Year.

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