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Celebrating Easter at Home

I know for me the idea of not having Easter at my church is strange. Easter is always the most beautiful service: lilies lining the altar, white and gold banners everywhere, beautiful trumpet fanfares ringing throughout the sanctuary. This year, Satan has tried to put a stop to the celebrations. He would rather you stay locked inside, forgetting the Savior’s resurrection and victory on the cross! But as Christ’s Church, you can celebrate Him from anywhere. Read below to see how you can prepare and celebrate Easter at home, and download this month’s free content: coloring pages and a bookmark for Easter.

Prayers for Holy Week

Holy Week is traditionally a solemn time (until Easter, that is!) when Christians around the world meditate on the betrayal, death, and burial of our Lord Jesus.

Holy Saturday

Today’s Old Testament Reading, the account of Daniel and the lions’ den, is our focus. We take our devotion from Portals of Prayer.

Good Friday

We return to our Isaiah theme for Good Friday and read a devotion from Gospel Handles: Old Testament Lessons.

Holy (Maundy) Thursday

For this day during Holy Week, we focus on the reading from Mark with an excerpt from Welcome to the Lord’s Table.

Wednesday in Holy Week

Our devotion for Wednesday in Holy Week continues our Isaiah theme and comes from God Grant It.

Tuesday in Holy Week

Continuing with our Isaiah theme for Holy Week, we take our devotion today from LifeLight: Isaiah, Part 2—Leaders Guide.

Monday in Holy Week

During Holy Week, most of our devotions will focus on the readings from Isaiah. Our devotion today is from Concordia Commentary: Isaiah 40–55.

Passion Sunday (Palm Sunday)

As we move through Holy Week, most of our devotions will focus on the Old Testament Readings. For Palm Sunday, we focus on the reading from Zechariah with an excerpt from LifeLight: Haggai/Zechariah/Malachi—Leaders Guide.

Holy Saturday

For Holy Saturday today, we read from The Christian Year of Grace to help us focus on Psalm 16, specifically verse 10: “For You will not abandon my soul to Sheol, or let Your holy one see corruption.”