3 Prayers for Pastor Appreciation Month

Did you know that October is Pastor Appreciation Month? Pastors do so much beyond what we see on Sunday mornings— they visit the sick and dying, provide counseling, and are leaders for church or school staff, for example. Take a moment to give thanks for your pastor and pray for his ministry.

How Does God Apply Grace to Our Lives?

Our world is a sinful, broken mess. Yet God uses people and things around us to deliver His grace. Is it weird that God uses lowly parts of His creation for His perfect purposes? Christian hip hop artist FLAME explains how God uses physical elements to deliver His good gifts. The following has been adapted from FLAME’s book, Extra Nos: Discovering Grace outside Myself.

Fruit of the Spirit: Patience Trusts

The famous marshmallow tests were first conducted in the 1970s at Stanford University. Researchers presented preschool-aged children with a marshmallow and a choice: eat one marshmallow right away or wait until the researcher returned to the room and get two marshmallows. Follow-up studies on the children showed that the ability to delay gratification—to be patient enough to receive a second marshmallow—was linked to higher competence and SAT scores in adolescence. 

Best Family Devotionals

Whether you are winding down at bedtime, embarking on a road trip, or seeking reassurance during a hard time, it’s important to spend time with God as a family. Check out the following list of recommended devotionals for all age groups.

Top 5 Egypt Facts to Help You Understand the Life of Joseph

Historical context is everything. To gain a richer understanding of these biblical events, we need to be familiar with the time the people lived. Today we read about ancient Egyptian culture to understand what context Joseph and his family lived in. The following has been adapted from Meant for Good.

Did Jesus Die for Everyone?

We hear in church that “Jesus died for everyone,” but why are some people saved and others are not? Did Jesus only die for some people? These are questions Christian hip-hop artist FLAME struggled with too. Read his account about this struggle in his faith. The following is adapted from Extra Nos: Discovering Grace outside Myself.

Christian Love, Plainly Spoken

When I was preparing to serve as an overseas missionary, one of my primary worries was not having the answers to people’s questions. After all, my position was as a Bible teacher.

Do We Have Prophets Today?

The Old Testament is full of prophets and their prophecies about God’s will for that time and the age to come. But what about today? Do we still have prophets? The following has been adapted from The Baptismal River: Studying the Sacrament throughout Scripture.

Is the Church a Building?

“The church is not a building.” Have you ever heard someone say this? I know I have! This statement is true on its surface—the church is the whole people of God, called from among every nation to belong to the Body of Christ. The church is also the gathering of these people in a specific location around the Word and Sacraments that Jesus has instituted for us. When people say, “The church is not a building,” what do they mean by that statement, and is the sentiment expressed true or false?

Fruit of the Spirit: Peace Lets Go

Peace is an intrinsic part of the Christian life. Believers receive peace with God. We, in turn, seek peace with others as we forgive and love them. We also experience peace in our hearts and minds when we let go of our sins and our fear to trust in God. In fact, letting go is a key aspect of peace.

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