Planting Seeds of the Gospel

Despite the fact that spring officially began on March 20, its arrival seems to have been delayed in many areas around the country. In New Jersey, where I live, snow and freezing temperatures continued well into April, to the dismay of many a stay-at-home parent, desperate for a little sunshine and outside playtime for their cabin-feverish children. (Or, is that just me?)

Planning for New Church Workers

This summer many of our congregations and schools will be welcoming new church workers such as teachers, pastors, DCEs, and others into their midst. This is a very exciting time. The new church worker and members of the congregation alike will optimistically hope and pray for a good and positive start---and the beginning of a longstanding, helpful, and God-pleasing ministry.

10 Things Church Leaders Should Tell Pastors and Church Workers about Vacations

If you’re a church worker feeling guilty about taking a little break from daily duties—don’t. You’re human like the rest of us, and God created us to thrive in a balancing act of work and rest.

Dr. Beverly Yahnke, an expert on church worker anxiety and burnout, shares why you (and your congregation) will benefit big time when you take a relaxing vacation without regret.

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