Rev. Dr. Pete Jurchen is an editor of Bible resources at Concordia Publishing House. In addition to his MDiv, he holds a BSEd in secondary education, an MSEd in curriculum leadership, and an EdD in instructional leadership with a focus on adult learning. He works to cultivate lifelong learners of God’s Word so that the ordinary is transformed into epic. He lives in Imperial, MO, with his wonderful wife, Deb, and his five children.

Recent Posts by Pete Jurchen

Eight Thoughts for Ministry to Gen Z

Each generation brings with it new challenges and opportunities for ministry, and Gen Z is no different. The Barna research group just released a report on this next generation, those born between roughly 1999 and 2015. That would make them, pretty much at this point, the age of every child in our preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools right now, with a few outliers on either end (ages 2–20). In other words, this group is a pretty big deal for the future.

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