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Jonah Schultz

Jonah Schultz is an intern with Concordia Publishing House, studying Secondary Education English Language Arts at Concordia University Chicago. His favorite author is either Kurt Vonnegut or David Foster Wallace, and he maintains a slight obsession with fountain pens.

Recent Posts by Jonah Schultz

Lutheran Student Teaching: What’s the Central Focus?

In English classrooms, we function via ideas—we read, write, and speak about ideas, with ideas, for ideas, because of ideas. English nerds (myself especially) love ideas. The challenge we face as teachers is to train students and shape them into something cohesive—something focused.

Lutheran Student Teaching ~ A Day in the Life

Toothbrush protruding from my left cheek, fingers stabbing at Keurig controls amid an agitated caffeine craving, left hand convinced my scalp needed one more run through to achieve optimal follicle distribution: I’m teaching today.

Leadership in the Church: A Q&A with Bruce Hartung

In Holding Up the Prophet’s Hand, Dr. Bruce Hartung shared the importance of supporting professional church workers. Now in Building Up the Body of Christ, he turns his attention to providing church leaders with a guidebook for creating healthy environments for their congregations. In this Q&A, Dr. Hartung shares leadership strategies, struggles, and advice for readers of Building Up the Body of Christ.

Q & A with Peter C. Reske

On June 3, Peter C. Reske's new collection, The Hymns of Martin Luther, was released by Concordia Publishing House. In an effort to learn more about this complete collection and what makes it special, we sat down with Peter and asked him some questions.

Pairing Arch Books with the Lutheran Lectionaries

Arch Books live as potent resources in Lutheran churches, schools, and especially our homes. Since 1965, Arch Books have told beloved Bible stories—made accessible for our littlest ones in gorgeous illustration and delightful poetry. And like wine and cheese or Vera Bradley and flora, Arch Books pair quite nicely with our Lutheran lectionaries! 1 This guide will help you incorporate what your children hear on Sundays to their daily life by using fun, easy-to-understand adaptations of the true Bible stories. Not every pairing perfectly aligns with the texts for each Sunday, 2 but each selection pairs nicely with the theme. So, without further ado, here it is—the peanut butter and jelly you’ve been waiting for: