Family Faith Talk on the Road

    Got a vacation planned? Spending lots of time in the car going to practices and games? Plan for Family Faith Time when you are on the road this summer.

    Vacations are routine busters! You might not be able to duplicate your at-home routine for meals and bedtime, but match it up as closely as you can. We all can learn about Jesus, pray to Him and praise Him anywhere. Even on the road!
    Talk with your family about how you will have Family Faith Time on the Road. Ask questions like these:

    • How do we learn about Jesus and pray and praise our God when we go to new places?
    • What will we do that is the same as our regular routine? How will it be different? What works when we are away from home?
    • How can we thank God for our food and His good gifts when we are eating “on the road” or “on the run?”
    • Will we say our usual mealtime prayer? Will we do something different?

    Here are four ideas for taking Family Faith Time on the road this summer:

    1. Figure out how to use your Bible story books and listen to or sing Jesus songs on vacation.
    2. Create a “Devotion Bag!” Have your children choose Bible story books, devotion books, prayer books, songbooks, audio files and/or videos to use in the car or on the road.
    3. Pray on the road! Figure out how to take a moment to give thanks for your food and God’s goodness with mealtime prayers at restaurants, meals on the run, or picnic stops!
    4. Put “Family Faith Time” in your schedule. If you are taking a long trip, think about your schedule. In addition to stops for gas, meals and seeing sights, include “Family Faith Time.” If you are staying overnight, make plans for bedtime prayers and Bible stories. If you are visiting family or friends, invite them to join you!

    Take your Family Faith Time on the road this summer!

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