Advice and Encouragement: October 2022 Everyday Faith Calendar

As a new mother, I’ve been struggling to figure out a spiritual routine for my daughter and our family. We say prayers at bedtime and read some books that are Christ-focused, but sometimes I feel lost when I think about teaching her about Jesus as she continues to grow.

Facing Fear: September 2022 Everyday Faith Calendar

This school year, my family is transitioning to having a child in school all day. My oldest starts kindergarten and is anxiously waiting to find out what being at school “all day” is all about. We recently visited with his kindergarten, teacher and his big concerns were finding out how to know what was being served in the cafeteria for lunch each day and if they would be doing painting and art projects in kindergarten.

Creator and Creation: August 2022 Everyday Faith Calendar

My son called to me in a stressed and urgent tone, “Mom! I need a big eraser!”

Prayer: July 2022 Everyday Faith Calendar

Prayer is a unique opportunity that we are given to talk directly with God. How cool! The Creator of the universe, the one that spoke the stars into the sky and fish into the sea, wants to hear your words. Your God, the one who with a single word caused the sun to stand still, a storm to cease, and the sea to separate, wants to listen to your words.

Refuge: June 2022 Everyday Faith Calendar

You open your phone and scroll past another devastating news story. A friend posts about the death of someone they loved. You open your email to be met with a long list of messages that need your response. You glance at the texts sitting unanswered on your phone and decide that those will need to wait a little longer.

Rule and Responsibility: May 2022 Everyday Faith Calendar

“You have to be in charge, FOREVER!” This was my five-year-old’s response after I had been teasing him that I was going to take a break from being in charge.

Current Events: April 2022 Everyday Faith Calendar

“Have you talked about current events with your kids?”

I posted a poll asking this question on Instagram a few days after the initial reports of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The results were more split than I anticipated.

Practice: March 2022 Everyday Faith Calendar

What is your biggest worry or fear when you think about taking your kids to church? Does it make you anxious or even stop you from going to church altogether? Join Kyla as she shares some wisdom to soothe these fears. 

Routine: February 2022 Everyday Faith Calendar

Almost every week without fail, it takes about three hours to get my three young children and me to worship—from when I wake up Sunday morning to when I (barely) make it out the door. I spend more time getting ready for our worship service than in the service itself.

Expectations: January 2022 Everyday Faith Calendar

“It wasn’t what I was expecting, Mom.”  

Those reflective words from my five-year-old come from countless experiences of navigating transitions and life together. The intersection of hope meeting reality is something he wears on his sleeve. He is not the type of person who thrives on or even enjoys surprises. Over the years we have worked to give meaning and language to what he feels when something just does not match up with what he hoped for or imagined it to be in his head and now we have settled on that phrase “it wasn’t what I was expecting”.

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