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Sarah Maney

Sarah Maney loves being a part of children's ministry. A mother of two, Sunday school teacher, and avid fan of Vacation Bible School, Sarah loves helping children learn about Jesus.

Recent Posts by Sarah Maney

Stellar student essentials and keepsakes

Some children learn through hearing; others learn through doing or seeing. That's why we design our student essentials and keepsakes to make Bible learning fun, hands-on, and memorable.

VBS Decorations that Point Kids to Jesus

Even more important than immersing kids in the theme, VBS decorations offer cues to point kids to Jesus. Use your VBS decorating as a backdrop to enhance the environment and teach the truth about Jesus Christ. Seek ways to visually point to Jesus, their Savior.

Cultivating VBS Volunteers Now and Beyond

Help VBS volunteers find their fit

Volunteers thrive when their skill set “matches up” with their role in VBS. Get the conversation rolling with our fun (and shareable!) VBS volunteer quiz. While not scientific, this quiz is an easy way to match up personalities and gifts for VBS volunteer opportunities. Ask tenured members to help you access a resource pool of volunteers, such as those who teach Sunday school or contribute to other children’s ministries, including parents and teens in your church.

Volunteer Recruitment Starts Now

It's hard to believe, but summer camps are already filling their rosters. Now is the time to jump-start your VBS planning with volunteer recruitment. But before we dig into the "how" of volunteer recruitment, let's talk about the "why." Why do people volunteer for VBS to begin with? What drives them?

5 Reasons to Start Planning VBS Now

“Plan for VBS now? Really?” you ask. “Why early VBS planning? Don’t we have until summer?”

5 Reasons You'll Love Mighty Fortress

At Mighty Fortress, children celebrate Jesus, our champion, who has won the battle over sin and death. Children can trust God to be our mighty fortress, our sure defense, even when times are tough; there’s no doubt that this presents a strong VBS theme for 2017. But why else should you consider it for your VBS?

Make Your VBS Closing Program Memorable

Your VBS will be a special week. Lives will be changed. Families will be reached with the Gospel. Make your VBS Closing Program is one that welcomes families and visitors to your church. Plan now to ensure a smooth, impactful program; use this checklist to help.

Sharing your VBS Mission Project

Gives children a tangible way to respond to the love of God and serve their neighbor. Through our Mission Project, Tin Roofs for Africa, we’ll gather offerings to show the love and mercy of Christ by providing tin and other supplies for Lutheran church roofs in Africa. Then men, women, and children can have a better place to worship God and learn about the amazing love of Jesus—rain or shine! Specifically, our offering can provide tin for the roofs, wood for the church structure, nails, and toolboxes with hammers, saws, and other tools! Our mission partner is The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

Recruiting VBS Volunteers: What If They Say No?

Success Starts with VBS Volunteers

It takes many hands to pull off a successful VBS program. Sometimes, finding the number of “hands” can be a challenge, so start early when recruiting VBS volunteers. But how do you begin?