Lisa M. Clark spends her days reading and writing about God’s love for all people. She is an editor for Concordia Publishing House, and she loves the opportunity to work on a variety of resources that share the saving message of Jesus Christ. The Messengers: Discovered, Lisa’s first novel, was released in May 2016. She’s thankful for her church family at Ascension Lutheran Church, where her husband, Matt, serves as pastor.

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Teaching The Messengers: Concealed in Your Religion Class

“We’re on chapter 25 of your book right now! We’ll be finishing it next week.”

This was my greeting as I walked on the sidewalk past our Lutheran school just the other day. I don’t know this student well, but we both know the Messengers, and we shared an instant bond.

Friends, I can’t tell you how thrilling it is for me to know that students are reading The Messengers series! High schools, middle schools, confirmation classes, and the list goes on. It’s my joy to know that even if I’m not in a classroom, Simon is. And I’m here to help all of you make that experience the best it can be.

Teaching Concealed in a Literature Classroom

Hi there. My name is Lisa Clark, and I am a teacher at heart. I can’t help but approach most things in life from a teaching point of view. And while I miss those days I spent with teenagers in my classroom, the beauty is that I’m still finding ways that I can teach, especially with my new series, The Messengers. You know that already, don’t you? We teach all the time, in a huge variety of environments! Whether in a church, classroom, youth group, book club, homeschool, or coffee shop setting, so many Messengers have told me that they’ve enjoyed teaching Discovered to others, and to one another.

Teaching Discovered in Your Social Studies Class

Over the past month or two, I’ve slipped on a teacher shoe from time to time in order to imagine the teens who may be reading The Messengers: Discovered. What a thrill it has been to create potential lesson plans! 

Teaching Discovered in Your Religion Class

Teachers have been tweeting, texting, messaging, and emailing me about ways to teach Discovered in their classrooms. For a teacher who suffers from occasional classroom withdrawal, this engagement with fellow educators is downright thrilling! I love knowing that some of your students across the nation will be using my new novel to learn about their world and their God, who created it.

Reading The Messengers: Discovered with Your Youth Group

The #SelfiesWithSimon. The #SimonSightings. The book reviews and random Facebook tags. I am so very thankful for my brothers and sisters in Christ for sharing how Simon has impacted their lives this summer. Teens and adults alike are sharing The Messengers with others, and the youth group is one setting in which this is taking place.

Teaching Discovered in Literature Classrooms

My novel Discovered, in The Messengers series, has been out for a few weeks now, and I have loved hearing feedback from people with all kinds of backgrounds. One theme that I often hear is this: “How do I share this book?” The context might be a book club, a youth group, a classroom, or social media. This question excites my former-teacher self, and I start thinking of ways for me to help you get the word out about The Messengers and the message it contains.

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