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Make Your VBS Closing Program Memorable

Your VBS will be a special week. Lives will be changed. Families will be reached with the Gospel. Make your VBS Closing Program is one that welcomes families and visitors to your church. Plan now to ensure a smooth, impactful program; use this checklist to help.

Involve your Pastor

The closing program is the perfect place for your Pastor’s visible involvement. Because you’re likely to have a good number of visitors in the audience, your VBS Closing Program is an ideal opportunity for evangelism and outreach.

Choose the date, setting, and space

Host your VBS Closing Program at the end of your VBS. Be sure to schedule a closing program when most adults can attend—such as a Friday night or Saturday morning. Think hospitality! If you had never come to your church before, what would you want to know? What would make it warm and inviting? Make sure that there is enough seating for children and parents, clearly mark where bathrooms are located, and have greeters available. Open your sites, and ask leaders to meet and greet families in their areas. Invite children to give their parents tours. Display crafts. Invite members of your outreach committee so that they can meet newcomers and interested families.

Prepare the VBS closing program

Get the word out about your activities several weeks ahead of time in church publications and during VBS week in letters that go home to families. Invite the congregation to attend. Our Director’s Guide CD provides a detailed VBS Closing Program script, an outline based on that script, and a colorful PowerPoint presentation that you can use and edit with our own VBS pictures and details. Be sure to have a designated photographer on hand to capture those special moments.

Hospitality is key

Offer some theme-related snacks from the VBS week. Consider the “All Mixed Up” Snack Mix from Lesson 4. Or set up a create-a-snack station where children show their parents how they made the VBS snacks. Another good option is to offer a picnic or light meal before the program. What kind of barn-yard themed “extras” would be fun to add? Perhaps a petting zoo, pony rides, or face painting? Make it as elaborate or as simple as your budget and time frame allows. But make it memorable.

Your closing celebration will showcase what the kids have learned throughout the week. Several options and suggestions for using the VBS music are provided in the Power Point Closing Program. You will quickly see which songs the kids remember and enjoy so plan on using these in your teaching and closing program.

Keep the momentum going

Your closing ceremony is your “bridge building” moment. Send home visitors with an invitation to Sunday worship, Sunday school, Midweek programs, or other church activities. Mail out postcards or letters to your VBS families. Remember, VBS is just the beginning. It’s the start of developing new relationships, sharing God’s Word, nurturing faith in a child, embracing new families in your church, and making new disciples. It’s our prayer that your VBS families will hunger and thirst for more and that they would return to your church for a rich and continual feast of God’s Word.

Written by

Sarah Maney

Sarah Maney loves being a part of children's ministry. A mother of two, Sunday school teacher, and avid fan of Vacation Bible School, Sarah loves helping children learn about Jesus.


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