Rev. Ted Doering is the pastor at Narrative Church, an LCMS church plant in Williamson County, Texas, just north of Austin. He is blessed to be married to Chelsey, who works as a digital content specialist at their alma mater, Concordia University Texas. Ted enjoys spending his free time with friends over a good meal, sampling the many local forms of breakfast tacos and BBQ, hiking in the Texas Hill Country, catching a movie, and cheering for all forms of professional Houston sports teams.

Recent Posts by Ted Doering

What is God Calling Me to Do?

This is an adapted excerpt from Walking Together: Simple Steps for Discipleship by Ted Doering. 

What is God saying? This is a question about knowledge. What is God calling me to do? This question applies that knowledge in your life. What is my next step? Here, we take that knowledge and application and put it into practice. Now, this is specifically phrased. The question is not about some long-term plan, your destiny, or a mountaintop experience. It’s literally about your next step. On a long journey, sometimes the only thing that can be done is to focus on one more step.

Simple but Hard: 6 Ways to Share the Awesome Power of the Gospel

Think for a moment about how quickly you tell someone about the things you love. Whether it is a favorite movie, a favorite coffee shop, or Mom’s famous cinnamon rolls, we love to share the things we love with others. Why, then, is it so hard for us to talk about the Gospel? Ask about our favorite baseball team or the best restaurant in town, and we can give you an in-depth analysis. But ask who Jesus is, and all of a sudden we have a pressing appointment.

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