Sarah Rivers was a public relations and publicity intern at Concordia Publishing House. She is from St. Louis and is a senior at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, where she is earning degrees in communications and English. In her spare time, Sarah likes to hang out with her friends, write, and try out different restaurants with her family.

Recent Posts by Sarah Rivers

Our Callings through God’s Plan for Us

As a college senior, I feel an incredible amount of pressure to have my life figured out and to be living out what I was born to do. This is most likely the case for any college student or young adult who may be preparing to face the real world. Society leads us to believe that our lives must be perfect and full of purpose in order to have meaning. I blame social media for this, as that is the main platform people of my generation use to share their so-called perfect lives. Obsessing over what other people are doing in life leads to comparison, which can lead to believing that everyone else has their purpose in life figured out.

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