Rev. Bill Johnson serves as the Director of Educational Technology at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne. He’s passionate about finding effective ways to share the Gospel with emerging generations and new ways to use technology to form the next generation of servants for the Church. He lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with his wife and three teenage daughters. Please pray for him.

Recent Posts by Rev. Bill Johnson

Faithfully Caring for the LGBT Community as Christians

Perhaps the biggest public debates of our time concern gender and sexuality.  There are a lot of strong emotions on every side, and there aren’t always simple solutions.  I’m certain by addressing this topic at all I’m probably going to upset some people, so let me start by apologizing for any offense I’m going to cause.  I don’t hate you, and, honestly, I’m not even really going to be talking about you in particular.  I don’t much believe in singling out individuals, unless they’re me.  Truth be told, I’d love to buy you a drink, talk this whole mess through and see what sorts of common ground we can find, because I truly do believe there’s plenty to be found.

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