Kim Marxhausen is an adjunct professor, writer, blogger, and speaker. She has a PhD in educational psychology and more than twenty years’ experience caring for her in-laws, both of whom had dementia. She is the author of It Only Takes a Spark and Paper, Paint & Print: 29 Art Projects for Bible Learning and Weary Joy. She also contributes to My Devotions and Portals of Prayer.

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Challenges in Christian Caregiving: Find Rest in Restless Times

For nearly everyone, the last few years have been hard. We’ve found ourselves facing unsettling situations and unwanted changes. Now, several years into the pandemic, we realize that things will never return to the familiarity of the past.

Nevertheless, we trust God to help us adjust to, and thrive, in the new normal.
As we spend time processing our emotions from the past three years, it is good to remember that every challenge we experienced was even more of a struggle for those who were caregiving for vulnerable family member.

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