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Engaging Authentically with One Another in Christian Community

This post is an excerpt adapted from Holding Up the Prophet's Hands: Supporting Church Workers by Bruce M. Hartung. 

What would happen if a congregation encouraged its members to develop significant relationships with one another? What if those relationships grew deep and the congregation became a place of authentic personal encounter, with God in Word and Sacrament and with one another, the members of the Body of Christ? Person-to-person relationships create a context in which words of appreciation can be spoken and received as meaningful and truthful. To show true caring for one another requires that members feel safe in making their needs known. It also requires that those who hear about an individual’s need have the desire and the capacity to respond in understanding, practical, and empathic ways.

7 Ways to Bless Your Pastor for Pastor Appreciation Month

Did you know that October is Pastor Appreciation Month? You may want to thank your pastor and other church workers but aren't sure what they would most appreciate. As a pastor's wife and Lutheran educator, allow me to share a few helpful ideas with you. Here are seven ways to bless your pastor for Pastor Appreciation Month.

Patient Endurance: Advice for New Pastors

Recently, I was asked what advice I would give to a newly ordained pastor as he was placed into the office of holy ministry. Immediately, I said two words, “patient endurance.”

My Pastor Is . . .

The vocation of pastor is not an easy one. We often view the role through rose-colored glasses: the pastor as shepherd, someone who guides and guards his peaceful flock. While that is true, another image to describe a pastor is that of shock absorber.

Free Downloadable Ordination/Installation Worship Service

Summer months mean Seminary graduates enter the Office of the Holy Ministry, while veteran pastors may be setting out for new opportunities to share the Gospel message. Will your church be welcoming a new pastor soon?