Why a Devotional Bible Can Help Start a Bible-Reading Habit

I consistently remember to do my devotions but rarely think about going further into God's Word. It’s definitely a problem. I love that devotions center me on Christ, guide me through passages in Scripture, and help me apply the Word to daily living. But reading directly from God’s Word is incredibly important for growth. While I do my devotions regularly, I’ve wondered how I can use that practice to launch into deeper studying of the Bible.

Enter a devotional Bible. Why does a devotional Bible make it easy to remember to study the Word? Because it incorporates devotions (which I am already doing) directly with the Word.

Here are some suggestions for using a devotional Bible to enrich your Bible-reading routine: 

Read at Your Own Pace

With a devotional Bible, devotions aren't assigned to specific days. This gives so much freedom to how you use it. The ultimate goal of a devotional Bible is to enhance your study of Scripture. Because it’s on your own timeline, you choose what to read and study on any given day. Maybe you have a topic you are interested in or a book of the Bible you don’t know much about. Start there, read the devotions, and move at your own pace. For me personally, reading a devotion often sparks questions about what the verses are saying. Starting with those questions allows me to study Scripture in a unique way. Having both the words that inspired the questions and the Word of God right there is helpful for pursuing truth. And because it's all at my own pace, I won't rush through my questions. 

Practice Consistency

Because I already do regular devotions, I know that consistency is ideal. When I think of the word consistency in this context, I immediately assume it means that I have to do this reading daily. That isn’t necessarily true. Consistency is not primarily about frequency. It’s more about setting a time and place for the activity. Since I already do devotions at a specific time of day, maybe I consistently spend a bit of time after reading a devotion studying the related Bible passage. Since the devotion is alongside the Scripture, it's easy to move into in-depth study.

Set Goals

While it’s tempting to just read what feels right, I think we all need a little more guidance and discipline when it comes to creating a Bible-reading habit. Create goals for what your reading time will look like. As stated above, I already do my devotions at a specific time. But maybe I make it a goal to ask three questions of the Scripture the devotion is based on. Because the devotion is right there in Scripture, I can easily dive into the full context. Or maybe I make it a goal to read and study for a certain amount of time. I can increase my normal devotion reading into extended Bible reading easily with a devotional Bible. 

Find the Right One

Having information about how devotional Bibles can help nourish a Bible-reading habit does nothing if you don’t have a devotional Bible. To find the right one for you, consider these factors:

First, make sure the devotions are focused on Scripture. While bringing in quotes and stories to support Scripture can be wonderful, if the devotion is focusing on other words, it might not help you study the Word. Read one of the devotions to make sure it is centered on Scripture. Second, look at the layout. If the Bible is hard to navigate and you can’t easily find what you are looking for, it’s not going to be easy for you to use! Third, look at who it is written for. The title may indicate it's a devotional Bible for men or women, married people, or those who play sports. With our Portals of Prayer Devotional Bible, the devotions are specifically written to be applicable to everyone—no matter where you are in life.

Our prayer is that the Portals of Prayer Devotional Bible would invigorate your study and draw you deeper into His Word.

Are you ready to dive into devotions and dig into Scripture with your own devotional Bible?

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