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Camp Discovery S’more Snack Mix

There is a camp treat people make, and everyone wants more and more and more of it! Do you know what it is? S’mores!

Kids at Camp Discovery VBS will love making and eating S’more Snack Mix. Help the kids mix up their own Smore Snack Mix.

What you’ll need:

A zip-top bag for each child
Mini marshmallows
Chocolate chips
Golden Grahams cereal
Serving spoons or scoops
Optional mix-ins: dried cranberries, coconut flakes, sunflower seeds
Hand sanitizer & napkins
Cups & water

Putting it together:

Demonstrate to the kids as you explain the instructions:

Open your bag. Put in two scoops of cereal. Add a scoop of marshmallows and a scoop of chocolate chips. Those are the things you need to make s’mores—graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate.


Now add other things, if you like. Close the bag. Shake it to mix everything.

Find more great ideas for your Camp Discovery VBS at cph.org/vbs.


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