An Easter Devotion on the Small Catechism

Easter morning, a mother and her daughters dressed up and walked to church. It was snowing when they returned, but the girls didn’t mind the cold. The Easter lilies and story of Jesus’ resurrection were all they could think about. When they reached their house, they found a white package on their step. Inside the package was a ham. The girls were confused. Ham seemed like a silly thing to find on the step. The mother began to cry. Her young girls asked why ham made her sad. She explained, “I’m crying because our God is so good. I had nothing to serve for dinner, but God provided exactly what we needed.”

Like the birds of the air, the young girls weren’t anxious about what they would eat, but their mom did worry. She knew it was her job to feed her family, but she didn’t have the resources to do it herself. What she did have was a God who provides and did so that day through the generosity of a neighbor.

This true story is only one example of God’s amazing care for His creation. The Lord gives us what we need, whether that be food for our tables, roofs over our heads, or a friend’s text on a bad day. We are tempted to worry about life, but God, who made heaven and earth, listens to our every cry and sustains us and all creation. Through times of abundance or scarcity, chaos or peace, He gives us what we need.


Thanks and praise to You, heavenly Father, for providing all we need to sustain this body and life! Give us strength to trust You with whatever would cause us to worry. Use us in Your work of caring for others. In the name of Your Son, Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Devotion is from Devotions on the Small Catechism, p. 41 © 2019 Concordia Publishing House. All rights reserved. Written by Faith Spelbring.

Bridge the gap between the catechism and real life.

This devotion is for the First Article of the Apostles’ Creed in Devotions on the Small Catechism. Use the devotions in the book to learn what the catechism means for your life.

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