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Written by

Cynthia Brown

Cynthia Brown is the Director of Christian Education at St. Augustine Lutheran Church in Troy, Michigan. She also serves as an adjunct professor of family life at Concordia University Ann Arbor.

Recent Posts by Cynthia Brown

The Gift of Children’s Messages

A Styrofoam wig head. . . . a wastebasket. . . . a sound machine turned to the thunder setting. . . . Chicken Little. . . . what do these have in common?

Time Spent Loving

What I saw brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

6 Questions to Ask Your Sunday School Teachers NOW

If your Sunday School is winding down for the school year and you’re eager for that summer break, HOLD ON A MINUTE! Don’t close those classroom doors until you have connected with each of your teachers and assistants to talk about their experiences. Their high calling of loving children and helping them experience Jesus’ love deserves time and attention. So take the time to listen—you are investing in the future of the children and staff under your care. The information you receive now will give you a head start for fall preparations, and you’ll have the summer months to tweak glitches that become apparent.

Self-Doubt in Ministry

If success is based on what we know well, self-doubt is an area I could excel! Consider this exchange:

Children’s Ministry Team Building

It’s a brand-new year! Is your church doing anything new in 2017 to reach children and their families for Christ?

Cooked in a Crockpot or Pressure Cooker?—The 4 Ps of Lesson Preparation

Years ago, I frequently used a pressure cooker to prepare dinner for my family. It allowed me to wait until the last minute to put the meal together and still serve dinner on time. Now my go-to appliance is the crockpot. The ingredients simmer for hours, and the meal is ready whenever hunger sets in.