vbs snack mix

    Easy VBS Snacks: God’s Victory Mix

    Learning about Jesus while creating with food and eating snacks—kids love it! Snack time at Vacation Bible School is a great time to use tasty and nourishing food to help the kids remember the Bible stories and Take-Home Points and energize the kids for more VBS fun. These snacks are easy and fun for kids to make themselves. Active kids have active brains, which they use to learn more about Jesus’ victory for us!

    Here’s a great snack for you from Mighty Fortress VBS, but it will work great for Sunday school, or anytime you want to share a Bible story with your kids.

    What you’ll need

    At each Team’s table, you will need these things:

    ■   Corn Chex cereal, Wheat Chex cereal, Cheerios, small stick pretzels

    ■   Colorful chewable candies like jelly beans

    ■   M & M’s

    ■   Serving spoons or scoops

    ■   Ziplock sandwich bag

    ■   Hand sanitizer, napkins, cups, and water

    ■    Finished sample

    Advance Preparation

    Before kids arrive, put all items listed in the Supply List on each table or arrange them at a serving station.

    Making the Snack

    SAY: Our snack celebrates that we do not need to be afraid, God has won the victory! It’s a sweet and salty snack. Sometimes when people are afraid, they cry salty tears. When people are happy, they love to celebrate with sweet treats like candy and chocolate! Our snack mixes both up in God’s Victory Mix!

    Hold up your example and note the different choices of treats.

    SAY: We will scoop up some of these treats, place them in your ziplock bag. Close the top and shake it up! Victory!

    Hold up the finished example again.

    SAY: This is a salty and sweet God’s Victory Mix! Fear not! In faith, we trust in the sweet good news that Jesus has given us His victory for this life and for eternity! Let’s thank God for this food.

    Lead a snack prayer. Have kids clean their hands. Send them to the tables to make snacks.

     vbs snack mix

    Adapted from Mighty Fortress VBS Leader’s Guide

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