Music of the Month: Artful Hymn Accompaniments for Piano

Timothy Shaw’s collection of hymn accompaniments for piano showcases the range and technique of the piano as an instrument to lead congregational singing. This collection is the second in a new series: Artful Hymn Accompaniments for Piano, inaugurated last year with its first set by composer Jacob Weber.

Sacred Piano Music Collections to Uplift Your Church

In the minutes before a worship service, you might find yourself shuffling in the pew, turning your phone on silent, and already wondering what you should have for lunch. Then, the beautiful first notes of a piano prelude break through your sleepy morning thoughts and settle into a melody of a touching hymn. You begin to think about the words, refocusing on why you came to church that morning and preparing your heart and mind for God’s gifts. This is the power of a piano prelude; it can encourage, uplift, and refocus your congregation. Here are the top piano prelude collections you should have on hand to fit any service and inspire your congregation.

Music of the Month: Piano Resonance

Celebrated composer Marianne Kim has written an uplifting collection of hymn arrangements for piano based on favorite hymns of praise. These pieces feature contemporary and nontraditional harmonies and rhythms with a touch of jazz. Kim’s style provides a fresh take on traditional hymns.

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