The Musical Heritage of the Lutheran Church

With the celebration of the Reformation rapidly approaching at the end of October, I have been contemplating and admiring the role of music in the Lutheran Church. Music played a significant role in spreading Reformation theology, and it continues to be a strength of our Church today.

Elisabeth Cruciger—First Female Lutheran Hymn Writer

Often, as we recall and recount the events of the Reformation, the focus is on the large sociopolitical movements of the time or the vital theological issues at stake. We tend to forget the people involved were no different from you and me. They knew joy and sorrow, sickness and grief, tragedy and triumph, the daily frustrations of balancing work and home, and the stresses of maintaining friendships and relationships with those around them, and yes, they were people who fell in love. One of those persons was Elisabeth Cruciger. Let’s get to know Elisabeth a bit better.

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