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VBSMate is your free online registration tool

Get more time for real ministry with VBSMate.

A smooth-running VBS starts with registration. It’s a tough job without the right tools, so that’s why there's  VBSMate, your free online VBS registration tool! With VBSMate, you capture consistent and complete student and volunteer enrollment with less time spent on data entry—leaving more time available for building relationships with VBS kids and families. Generate additional events to support your VBS such as volunteer training, a closing VBS celebration, and follow up meetings after VBS. Or create a new church outreach event (like a fall festival) for those new families who visited your VBS.

Corral safety concerns

In addition to collecting parent information and emergency phone numbers, with VBSMate, parents are asked to include any allergy or medical concerns that their child may have. Parents must give parental consent for a medical release, photo release, and permission to attend. Be sure to follow guidelines of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Easily download data

Speaking of safety concerns, we remove the data collected each year to ensure that student and volunteer information remains secure. Don’t worry—we will remind you before we remove the data so that you have the opportunity to download it into your own Excel document. Use our Full Student Report, available in under our Quick Reports tab on VBSMate.

Promote your VBS

You’ll get your very own VBS or event URL. We also provide free high- and low-resolution promotional tools for you to use in your church bulletins, flyers, and emails. Logos, banners, and letterhead and are all available for you at VBSMate. View our full offering of online promotional tools on our website. With VBSMate, you easily set up, promote, and manage every details of your VBS event—giving you time for real ministry. If you have any concerns, contact our VBS Team at vbsteam@cph.org.

Ready to get started with VBSMate? Click on the button below to get started with online VBS registration today.

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