A Sunday School Checkup

Why do a Sunday School checkup?

Checkups are valuable, even if they don’t always bring good news. For example, an automotive checkup can prolong your car’s life, avoid costly repairs, and make for safe driving. A Sunday School checkup is also good. Checkups help us identify our strengths and set new goals so we can be even better. What we measure is also important. Some things are not ours to judge. We are not checking faith in this exercise; we are checking other stuff—the means to the Means of Grace. We know that it is the Holy Spirit who brings children to faith and enlightens them through God’s Word and Sacraments. However, we are privileged to teach God’s Word, and because of the high value we place on this life-giving task, we seek excellence.

How do you start?

To assess your Sunday School, organize a steering committee. When you gather, cast your vision, ask God’s blessing, and create a timeline for your Sunday School checkup. Let each member of the steering committee be in charge of gathering others to do the reviews. To help with the assessment, we've provided a checkup checklist for you to download at the end of this post. The checklist includes separate sections for Sunday School leaders and teachers, and one for parents and students.

How do you use the information?

Once the assessments are done, set aside time to reflect on the data, plan and organize improvements, and celebrate what God is doing. Can God work through this process, even if you find places to improve? Of course. He will help you make your great Sunday School even better. Just by taking time to look at your Sunday School, you will create excitement. Your efforts will make teaching more effective through honest evaluation. Your review will make environments more conducive to learning.

Oh give thanks to the LORD; call upon His name; make known His deeds amount the peoples! Psalm 105:1

Download Sunday School Checklist >

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