How to Celebrate Baptism Birthdays

Children love to celebrate Jesus’ birthday at Christmas. And they love to celebrate their birthdays, the day they were physically born. Equally important is helping them treasure their Baptism birthdays, the day they were spiritually born as God’s children, and reminding them of all the blessings they receive from being in His family. Here are twelve traditions you can start with that goal in mind.

How to Celebrate Faith Milestones at Your Church

It’s time to celebrate! The Church is definitely familiar with celebrations; the Church Year, in fact, is a calendar full of days in which we thank God for all He’s done.

Since we’re so accustomed to celebrate and praise God for His gifts, we can continue this celebration and commemoration into the lives of God’s people to remind members of God’s love and care for them. Take time to thank our Lord for His love in the lives of His people! As a congregation finds milestones to celebrate in the Christian life, members build stronger relationships with one another.

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