How the Church Can Support Caregivers

I remember the day when my father-in-law told us his memory was failing him. I remember the flurry of medical tests, the devastating diagnosis, and the quiet times spent trying to absorb the ramifications of this turn of events. I remember worrying over my children as we searched for ways to explain Grandpa’s behavior. I remember so much because it was a pivotal time in our family’s life. But, sad as I am to admit it, one thing I don’t remember doing is thinking about my mother-in-law. She lived in the shadow of our concern for her husband from the beginning of that journey.

Challenges in Christian Caregiving: Find Rest in Restless Times

For nearly everyone, the last few years have been hard. We’ve found ourselves facing unsettling situations and unwanted changes. Now, several years into the pandemic, we realize that things will never return to the familiarity of the past.

Nevertheless, we trust God to help us adjust to, and thrive, in the new normal.
As we spend time processing our emotions from the past three years, it is good to remember that every challenge we experienced was even more of a struggle for those who were caregiving for vulnerable family member.

Working with Difficult Emotions in Caregiving

This post is adapted from Kim Marxhausen’s newest book, Weary Joy.

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