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Winning Teachers: National Lutheran Schools Week 2019

We value all teachers who give of their time, their talents, and their hearts to educate others, and we especially give thanks for teachers who share God’s Word with their students. Last week, we asked you to nominate a Lutheran school teacher who has made an impact on your life for a chance to win him or her a CPH gift card. Here’s what you had to say about these hardworking, generous, caring servants of God.

Grand Prize Winner: $250 CPH Gift Card

Kay Berry

Kindergarten teacher at Trinity Lutheran School in Davenport, Iowa

Mrs. Berry has helped me acknowledge that I need Jesus in my heart regardless of my age or life circumstances. She has taught me that, through faith, I am never really alone.”

“Mrs. Kay Berry shows the love of Christ in everything she does in the classroom. She always knows what each child needs, whether it is extra hugs for the child who is not feeling well, turning addresses into songs for the child who struggles with memorizing, or joining in on the singing and dancing with the kids.”

“She cares about the lives of her students even when they aren’t in school. She visits them and prays for them and shows up for their extracurricular activities. She has led many children to be baptized by advocating to their parents its importance.”

Second Place Winners: $50 CPH Gift Card Each

Bruce Tuomi

Religion teacher at Walther Christian Academy in Melrose Park, Illinois

Mr. Tuomi has influenced my life by showing an example of what a true Christian man can do and is capable of, even in the modern era of failing religion. He is down to earth, honest, and hardworking in Christ. As a coach, he has helped many students, even some of my classmates and friends, overcome drug problems, depression, and other serious problems.”

Dan Felten

Sixth-grade teacher at St. Lorenz Lutheran School in Frankenmuth, Michigan

The love of Christ shines through Mr. Felten’s genuine care and concern for each student, his careful and creative preparation for each class and for each day, and his unflappable commitment to being fair, [being] understanding, [and showing] Christlike love in every situation that arises in the classroom. Everyone who spends time with him knows instinctively that he or she is dealing with a teacher who knows the Lord, has a passion for life, and wants to share that with others.”

Rick Holste

Fourth-grade teacher at Trinity Lutheran School in Davenport, Iowa

“Mr. Holste gives his students constant reminders that they are loved by God. He had a student who really wanted to attend church, and so did his brother. Mr. Holste made sure arrangements were made for the boys to get to church. He was there to sit with them, and I’m sure he was teaching them about the service too! These boys were tough kids and school did not come easy. Mr. Holste makes sure his classes see the value in every human being.

Andrew Monkemeyer

Social studies and PE teacher at Concordia Lutheran School in Peoria, Illinois

“Mr. Monkemeyer displays the love of Christ in all of his student interactions. He demonstrates God’s love in his concern for students’ academic and social-emotional well-being. He models Christlike living in his prayer, songs of praise, and daily family life. . . . On most days, Mr. Monkemeyer arrives at school before the principal and faculty and leaves well after the building is empty.”

Courtney Hahn

Fifth-grade teacher at Immanuel Lutheran School in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

“Ms. Hahn has created a warm and caring environment that displays Christ’s love and generous forgiveness daily. Just as Christ said, ‘Let the little children come to Me,’ she has developed a trust and nurture that allows students to feel free to seek her out at all times, even after school and on weekends. . . . Ms. Hahn has given generously of her time to allow students who are in athletic programs in the evening to be able to stay in her room and work on homework. Students who live far away are able to play sports because they do not have to go home and return later.”



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