Celebrating Easter at Home

I know for me the idea of not having Easter at my church is strange. Easter is always the most beautiful service: lilies lining the altar, white and gold banners everywhere, beautiful trumpet fanfares ringing throughout the sanctuary. This year, Satan has tried to put a stop to the celebrations. He would rather you stay locked inside, forgetting the Savior’s resurrection and victory on the cross! But as Christ’s Church, you can celebrate Him from anywhere. Read below to see how you can prepare and celebrate Easter at home, and download this month’s free content: coloring pages and a bookmark for Easter.

Using Devotional Coloring Pages

Being isolated from the physical church does not mean that you’re isolated from Christ. Use the free Easter coloring resources—two coloring pages and one bookmark—to remind yourself that everyone in His kingdom is rejoicing together, shouting, “Alleluia! He is risen indeed!” Use the coloring pages and bookmark as part of your personal or family devotions. Use one design each for Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter morning—let your children choose the option that speaks to them. Use these coloring pages as a way to explain what all God’s people are celebrating on Easter and what it means for your children’s lives.

Celebrating Easter from home does not mean that family celebrations, whether your biological family or your church family, are forgotten. You can easily send these coloring sheets to family members to remind them that you’re thinking about them and that you wish to share in your celebration together. It is sure to bring a smile to their faces and remind them that they are not alone during this stressful time.

Using Hymns and Songs

Your beloved hymnal is not only for Sunday worship, it is also a wonderful devotional resource. While coloring in the “Alleluia!” design, listen to one of the Easter hymns that rings out “Alleluia!” Reflect on what the hymn text portrays and how it relates to your life. If you have children, challenge them to find as many hymns as they can that express the “Alleluia!” or “He is risen!” themes. See if they can find a psalm at the beginning of the hymnal that reflects praise, and recite it together as a family.

Worship from home does not mean worship alone: you can easily be connected to others in this era of technology. If your church is livestreaming an Easter service, follow along with your pastor by using your hymnal, such as Lutheran Service Book. As the service goes on, take note of how many times “Alleluia” is proclaimed or Christ’s resurrection is mentioned. Challenge yourself or your kids to see how many times “Alleluia” is spoken or sung throughout Holy Week and how it changes from one service to the next.

Using the Bible

Praise God who has given us His Word in so many different formats. Not only can we read His Word from our physical Bible, but we can also read His Word digitally. No matter what circumstances the Church finds itself in, the guiding Word of God is available. The Gospels all hold accounts of His resurrection that you can read as a family; then listen to your pastor’s sermons throughout Holy Week to apply them to your life. Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22, and John 18 are the points in each Gospel where the Easter story begins. As you work through the Bible readings, ask young learners if they can identify the imagery on their coloring sheets that corresponds to the Easter story. Where does the image of the tomb come from? How is the image of the three crosses described in each account?

Think about the passages and what they mean for either yourself or your family. Reflect on the pastor’s sermon from each service. Try to find a corresponding devotion, or find blog posts about the passages that you or your pastor decide to read. For children, download activities to keep them entertained and engaged in the Easter story, explaining to them easily what Christ’s resurrection means for the Church. As you use the coloring sheets throughout the week, see how the way you color them changes based on the mood during Holy Week.

Download this month’s free resources to get started with your devotions. Print out the coloring pages to remind yourself of Christ’s victory on the cross every day during Holy Week. Express your individuality with watercolors, pastels, colored pencils, and more. But most important, remember to thank your Savior for dying for your sins, and remember to praise His name every day of Holy Week.

To access the free coloring pages and other downloads, click the button below. 

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