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Planning Your Ideal Devotional Time

When planning time for daily devotions, ideally, what does that look like to you? If my ideal devotional time was fulfilled, I would find myself at my favorite lakeside coffee shop each morning. The smell of coffee and caramel rolls would mingle in my nose. My four kids would be playing outside and my ears would faintly pick up on their encouraging words to one another and soft giggles. My mind would be free from clutter and ready to learn. I would always have my favorite leggings and soft plaid shirt clean. The coffee would be a perfect drinking temperature. Not too hot to drink and far from cold. 

My Ideal Devotional Time

My intentions for devotions are legions away from reality when it comes to devotional time. Often, my devotional time looks like me burning my tongue with my coffee. Breaking up 15 fights in a matter of 16 minutes. Eating a granola bar that had been open since yesterday morning and rejected by a picky eater for containing peanut butter. Thinking to myself: I need to find wherever that horrid smell is coming from. Coming back to my coffee after being distracted by Facebook to find my coffee is cold, my kids are crazy, the horrid smell was coming from the dog, and the dishwasher was not started the night before.

At times, I compare my devotional intentions to reality and think, “Why do I even do this?”

The answer is simple. I do it because the Holy Spirit is at work. Regardless of what it looks or feels like. Regardless of the interruptions, coffee temperatures, smells, clothes, or venue, the Holy Spirit is at work.

We keep picking up our Bibles because it was written for us to show us all the work Christ has done and will continue to do in our lives.

We keep picking up our Bibles because the Holy Spirit guided the pens of the men who wrote the words.

We keep picking up our Bibles because the Holy Spirit uses those words to point us to Christ.

The Best Devotional Intentions

If your devotional intentions are not lining up with reality, you are not alone. The Holy Spirit is at work at your kitchen table sticky with syrup, in your car when you click on your Bible app. When your Bible is smacking you in the head because your sleepy arms can no longer support the weight. When you only get a few verses in. When you read for hours and nothing seems to stick. 

Jesus told His disciples:

“I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come. He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to you” (John 16:12-14).

The Holy Spirit is at Work

Learning all that Christ is for us is a lifelong process. We have Scripture, fellow believers, and the Holy Spirit to remind us of all the grace and goodness we have because of Christ.

Devotions and Bible reading are not about making a list and crossing things off the list. Nor is it about creating some sort of utopia. Devotions and Bible readings are about being reminded of the work of Christ. We do not need to fret about what our time looks like. The Holy Spirit is at work pointing us to Christ.

If you have the chance to crack your Bible open in a lakeside coffee shop, jump at it!

If you have the chance to crack open your Bible on a sticky dining room table, take it.

If you have a chance to peek at a few verses before falling asleep at night, do it.

Each time you open your Bible, be encouraged knowing that the Holy Spirit is at work. It’s not about where you are or your abilities. He will glorify Christ to you and tell you about all Christ has done on your behalf.

Scripture: ESV®

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Written by

Katie Koplin

Katie Koplin resides in west-central Minnesota with her husband and four kids, where fields of grain meet woods and water. She keeps busy caring for her kids, writing for her blog (lovedinspiteofself.com), drinking coffee by the pot, quilting, reading, camping, leading Bible studies, and working at her much-adored local library. Her writing and speaking focus on encouraging others to live in freedom, equipping people to see Christ for them in Scripture, and empowering others with the great love Christ has for us.


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