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5 Ways to Show Your Pastor Appreciation

October is Pastor Appreciation Month! Encouraging our pastors is a year-round calling, but these next few weeks are a special time to be intentional about showing gratitude through word and action. We challenge you to get creative with new ideas to give thanks for your pastor’s wholehearted service to the Church, on Sunday morning and in a million little ways beyond. Here are some tips to get started!

1.    Give feedback
. Did your pastor’s sermon give you new insight into God’s Word? Did the Bible class open your eyes to Scripture a little more? Pick up the phone or send an email to tell him what you learned. He will always love discovering how the Word of God is shining through his teaching and preaching.

2.    Host a luncheon.
Pick a Sunday in October for a congregational potluck. Bring your pastor’s favorite food (or his family’s favorite food). Spend some time at the potluck publicly thanking your pastor for his work and leadership.

3.    Help him learn. Pastors don’t stop learning after seminary graduation. Support your pastor in his theological studies by purchasing commentaries and other new resources for his office. Encourage your church to budget for his continuing education classes.

4.    Communicate. Tell your pastor whenever you or a loved one is in the hospital, homebound, or struggling. He earnestly wants to visit you and your family during times of need. You show appreciation when you tell your pastor that you have a need he can supply.

5.    Give him time off.
Your pastor (and his family) greatly appreciates when you respect his time with family and friends. Let him be surrounded by his loved ones, and he will become reinvigorated to serve the congregation fully. 

Bonus: Buy him a CPH gift card!


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