An Advent Shift to Social Media

In the last scroll through your social media—Facebook and Twitter especially—did you feel happy? Were there an abundance of posts that made you laugh, smile, and feel giddy inside? I reckon there weren’t many. Today’s social media climate has become a toxic sludge pile of negative and emotionally draining posts, filled with arguments in the comments and finger-pointing to cast blame.

Where is Christ’s love that we should be reflecting to others? Where is the forgiveness, the kindness, the caring for our neighbors?

Where is the unconditional, unending love of Christ that we as Christians are supposed to be showing to anyone we meet, no matter if it’s digitally or in person?

This Advent and Christmas, share some of Christ’s love on your social media with badges to remind you and your friends of His birth. Find colorful illustrated badges for every midweek service, Christmas and Epiphany celebration. Then, read below for other ideas to distribute Christ’s love on your social media for all to see.


Social Media Badges

The first thing people see on your social media is your profile picture. Often times, you can add a temporary frame or image around your profile picture to represent something you believe in or stand for. It could be the colors of your favorite sports team, a reminder to vote or a logo for Breast Cancer Awareness month. The temporary badge is just that—temporary—but the profile image should be changed somewhat regularly. Why not set your profile picture to one that reminds your friends, family, and followers about Christ’s coming? You can start a dialogue around Advent symbols and use them to explain the importance of Jesus’ birth. On an Instagram post, for example, you can use your caption space and hashtags to speak about the image.

Scripture Sharing

What better way to share the joy and love of Christ during Advent and Christmas than by sharing His story? He is the reason for the season, and many of your followers might celebrate Christmas without actually knowing why Christ is in the word Christmas. Each Sunday and/or Wednesday, you can post a verse from one of the Gospel accounts and explain what it means to you.

To make it more interactive, you could also pose a question about what it means to your followers or show what your family did as a devotional while thinking about the verse. Did your children do a family activity together with the verse? Another options is to post a short devotion and prayer after the verse to give people scrolling a moment to read, reflect, and pray to their Savior.

Photograph Your Family Traditions

My parents have a ton of photographs of me growing up, all placed neatly in boxes in our spare closet downstairs. But now, with the rise of digital technology, it’s easy to simply keep digital photos and share them with friends and family instead of digging out the photo box. Why not share how God loves you and gives you joy through pictures on your profile?

Take a few pictures (or videos) of your family together during Advent, or maybe even extend it out to your church family. Upload them to your social media and say what these activities were for and what it means to you. If there was a craft involved, let everyone know where you got your craft. If there was a Bible verse you focused on, share the verse. These photos are sure to spread Advent and Christmas joy this winter.

Social media can be a fun, wholehearted experience. It is also a great place to reach people with Christ’s love who you might not be able to interact with in real life. Let’s make a change this Advent and Christmas and fill our feed with Christ’s unconditional love, starting with social media badges, and extending to His Word and blessings for all.

Download the free social media badges for Advent by clicking the button below. 

Download Advent Images

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Delania is a copywriter with Concordia Publishing House. She recently graduated from Valparaiso University with her BA in creative writing. On a normal day, you can find her perched under a tree reading a book, writing poetry, listening to music, or exploring St. Louis, the city she calls her new home.

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