3 Places to Host a Bible Study Besides Your Church

Churches and small groups are gearing up to start their fall Bible studies (or maybe yours has already started!).

Leading a Bible study has its challenges—the least of which is where to host your Bible study (and that usually gets decided after you’ve chosen your Bible study).

Your church is always a viable location, but studying there presents its own set of difficulties. Scheduling conflicts, small spaces, and evening access can make it difficult to host at your church. People who are not connected to a church might be more willing to try out a Bible study that’s in a more neutral location.

So where can you host a Bible study besides your church?

A home

This option certainly isn’t for everyone—newcomers might feel even weirder going to a stranger’s home than they would going to a church—but if someone’s home is big enough to host your group, it can be a comfortable, stable place to host a Bible study! Or, you can rotate homes, letting different members host each week.

Questions to ask:

  • Do you have children or pets that might distract?
  • Is your home in a convenient location for all members?
  • Can you commit to hosting regularly?
  • Can your neighborhood accommodate parking?
  • Are you able to provide snacks or drinks for your group?

Coffee shop/juice bar/ice cream parlor

Hosting your Bible study in a public place offers a unique witnessing opportunity. You can enjoy a delicious treat and profess your faith! You might even have some people ask you questions, which can open up opportunities for deeper spiritual conversations with them.

Questions to ask:

  • Can your group members afford to buy something every week?
  • Is there a place in a convenient location that can accommodate your group’s size?
  • Are the lighting and noise level conducive to study and discussion?
  • What kind of intentional witnessing will you do in this space?

A Park

Depending on the weather in your area, meeting outside can be a great option—even for just a season! Take your study to a local park or nature center and enjoy studying the Word of God in His creation.

Questions to ask:

  • Would everyone in your group be able to be outside for long periods of time or walk longer distances?
  • Does anyone have allergies that could act up outside?
  • Is there a park in a convenient location?
  • Are there picnic tables to study at?

Really, the most important part of Bible study is gathering together in community with your brothers and sisters and studying the Word of God. The location is not as important as the content, but you should still be strategic in picking a location, keeping visitors and new members in mind.

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