top ten reasons to thank your dce

    Top Ten Reasons to Thank Your DCE Today!

    Happy June 26th! You may be wondering what makes today so special. Well, it’s not National Donut Day, not National Go-to-the-Beach-Day, or even National Campfire Day. However, if you guessed National DCE Day, you are correct! And to show all the wonderful DCEs out there how much we appreciate them we decided to make a list of the Top Ten Reasons you should thank your DCE!

    1. Model Citizens

    DCEs are not only teachers of faith, but models of what good Christians should be too.

    2. Putting Others First

    DCEs are always willing to go the extra mile for anyone around them, even if that means self sacrifice.

    3. Night Owls

    DCEs are some of the only people willing to stay up all night with your kids during those crazy Lock Ins!

    4. Energizer Bunnies

    DCEs bring an excited and over-the-top energy to everything they do to inspire that energy in others.

    5. It’s a Balancing Act

    DCEs are great at balancing the seriousness of scripture with upbeat and fun activities.

    6. Always Accessible

    DCEs are kind of like doctors or firefighters because they are on always on call and ready to handle whatever is thrown at them!

    7. Laughter is the Best Medicine

    DCEs always have a knack for cheering people up, and they are always up for a laugh.

    8. Going Above and Beyond

    DCEs do more than just run Sunday School or Youth Groups. They care for children and also their families through thick or thin.

    9. Masters of Free Time

    Do you have five minutes of free time and kids running wild? Leave it to a DCE to whip together a classic game of Frogger!

    10. Hearts of Gold

    DCEs have to wear many hats in their positions, but one thing that will never be set aside is their love for teaching children about Jesus and all He has done for us!

    Take time to thank your DCE today for all that they have done and continue to do for our churches and school!



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