The Bad News & Good News about Teen Girls

First, the bad news . . . our teen girls are in crisis. I'm worried about them, and you should be too. My oldest daughter, Catie, is in high school and my younger daughter, Elisabeth, is in middle school. We’re living the teen girl life around here, and I see what’s happening to these young women. These girls believe they have to be perfect, and they are so hard on themselves when they don’t live up to impossibly high standards that they see on the internet.

The Problem

I love these girls, and it hurts my heart to see this constant Pinterest-level perfection is forming their identity.  I see it play out every day . . . they’re on their phones a lot. Social media is always there—and always tempting them to check in and compare. They’ve heard the message that they can do anything and now they believe that they have to do everything. The internet seems to celebrate everyone, but only if you’re extraordinary.

Dear friends, our teen girls are weary. More and more of them are depressed. Anxiety is higher than ever. You’ve probably seen this on the news or with the girls in your own family. Our girls are in crisis, and we need to help them. But what answers are we giving them? How are we reaching these girls? How can we share God’s Word and the hope of Jesus with them?

The Solution

The good news is that I have a way we can help them. My new Bible study, Shine, is the message of real hope in Christ for these girls. It’s a six-week Bible study with funny stories, questions and journal prompts, and the good news that they are enough because they belong to Jesus. This book is an anthem of encouragement for them, and our girls need this message more than ever before. Shine has been out for two weeks, and it is selling very well. Teen girls are so hungry for real hope through Jesus.

I have more good news. You have a chance to share this message of true hope with a teen girl. You can make a difference by giving her this truth: "You are worthy. You are valuable. You are enough because of Jesus." You can help deliver this message by sponsoring Shine for a teen girl.

The Plan

In two weeks, I’m traveling to Minnesota for a youth gathering. Thousands of teen girls are coming. They know they need something, but they don’t know what it is. I've partnered with Concordia Publishing House to send Shine home with as many girls as we possibly can. We want these teen girls to know that we see them, and they are so loved.

And so, here’s what you can do. CPH is making it easy for you to gift Shine to a teen girl. For only $12 per book (or for orders of five or more, $10 per book), CPH will give Shine to a teen girl.

Also, because we want teen girls to know that we care about them and are praying for them, you can add your special message of encouragement inside the book. Just type it in when you order Shine for a teen girl. The wonderful folks at CPH will write your message inside so a young woman will know this book is from you.

Please—sponsor a copy of Shine for the National Youth Gathering. Please help me to give these teen girls the only hope that matters—God’s Word.

I thank you so much for helping these girls. You can share the very best news with them: Jesus loves you and because of that, you are enough.

Want to make a difference in the life of a teen girl?
Here is how you can sponsor a copy (or copies) of Shine.

  1. Visit the product page for Shine.
  2. Enter the quantity that you want to sponsor. (If you buy one to four books, they’re $12. If you buy more than four books, they’re $10. Shipping to the Youth Gathering is free.)
  3. Click the "Add to Cart" button.
  4. Under the “Order Notes” section, add your personal note of encouragement. Don't forget to sign your name (or the name of your church).
  5. Use promo code SHINE in the “Redeem Promo Code” area and click “Apply Code.”
  6. Click the "Checkout" button.
  7. While going through the checkout process, use the “Store Pickup” option under “Shipping Method.”
  8. Finish the checkout process by paying.
  9. Pray for these girls to know—deep in their souls—that God loves them.

Shine: Buy the Book

Picture of Christina Hergenrader
Christina Hergenrader grew up in Galveston and now lives in Houston, Texas. She is wife to Mike and mother to Catie (16), Sam and Elisabeth (twins, 13), and Nate (10). Her rescue greyhounds are the laziest animals alive. She is the author of eleven books, which include God Loves Moms, Love Rules, Family Trees and Olive Branches, and Last Summer at Eden.

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