How to Witness to Children

How do you share the Gospel with children? With preparation, practice, and most importantly, the power of the Holy Spirit, you can tell children about Jesus’ love for them. While there are many ways to share the Gospel, the message remains the same! Here are some ideas for speaking the Gospel and sharing God’s love in Christ Jesus.

Practice Before You Witness

Before you witness to children, think about it and rehearse it in advance. Rehearse the answers to the following questions, and you will take the first steps toward preparedness.

Who is God? 

How will you communicate who God is in easy-to-understand-terms? Think about how you will explain who He is as our Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier. These are all “big words” to children that need a simpler explanation.

Who are you? 

Confess that you are a sinner. (You do not have to list sins. Simply say that you do not always do what pleases God.) Then joyfully proclaim that you are a forgiven sinner.

Who is Jesus? 

Jesus lived, died, and rose from death to take away your sins. He loves children and longs to be best friends with each one.

Easy Ways to Witness

Personalize John 3:16.

Insert a person’s name into the verse. For example: God so loved Anna that He gave His only Son for Anna, that if Anna believes in Him, Anna should not perish but Anna will have eternal life.

Sin, Separation, Savior. 

Present the Gospel with these three key words. All. People. Sin. Sin separates us from God. God knew we couldn’t make our sin go away. And, because God loves us, He sent His Son, Jesus, as our Savior. Jesus lived a perfect life, then died on the cross as the perfect sacrifice to pay for our sin. Those who believe in Jesus receive God’s gifts of forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

Leave a Lasting Message

Use the Evangecube.

Use this seven-panel cube to share the message of God's love and saving grace through simple pictures and language. A fun and interactive way to remember Gospel basics or just get a conversation started. An English and Spanish leaflet that explains each picture is included with each cube.

Sometimes we don’t tell others of Jesus’ saving and transforming love because we’re afraid we’ll say something wrong or offensive. While it’s normal to feel some trepidation when sharing the Gospel, remember—it’s His salvation story. He will work through you to share His good news to those who desperately need to hear it. May God bless you as you share His Gospel!

Share the Gospel with children in your community by using these Christ-centered materials for Vacation Bible School.

Share the Good News at VBS

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