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This I Know

My little prince and princess and I had just completed another grocery shopping expedition. (If you’ve ever taken two-and-a-half-year-old twins to the grocery store, then you know what kind of adventure we had.) While they were exploring the wonders of the store, I’d been flustered and impatient as I tried to juggle kids, grocery lists, coupons, and car keys, and failing to remember what it was that I was certain I’d forgotten. After checkout, I plopped down into the driver’s seat of the minivan, collected myself, and peered in the rearview mirror. The twins were strapped in their car seats, contentedly chattering to each other about their favorite weekly outing and sharing in toddler language the exciting things they had seen in the ice cream aisle. All was well. So I backed out of the parking space and took off for home. Still frustrated and distracted with my thoughts, I welcomed the opportunity to just be still during our ride-time.

Then, when we were almost home, I froze. Something was definitely missing. Purse—check. Keys—check (of course; I was driving). Kids—double check. Groceries—OH NO! I had taken advantage of the wonderful perfect-for-moms drive-up service that our grocery store offered, but I had failed to drive up! My thoughts whirled: What if someone else had taken my groceries? What if everything was melted or spoiled in the warm Texas weather? What if the staff had put everything back and I had to do it all over again?

I fretted out loud as I turned the van around, noticeably shaken by my absent-minded error, when Courtney shouted out words I will never forget:

“It’s gonna be okay, Mommy! Jesus still loves you!”

Instantly, a wave of warmth and calm swept over me, washing away my flustered thoughts. I was flooded by the truth of this little one’s sweet words. Jesus still loves me. No matter what. Even when I forget my groceries, lose my patience, and allow little things to frustrate me. This beautiful truth is mine all the time. Jesus’ love for me is so great that He comes to me in the midst of my mess-ups, showering His grace and forgiveness upon me. Yes, even on my most absent-minded-flustered-mom distracted days.

This reminder of a simple yet profound truth led me to want to pull over right then, jump out of my minivan, lift my hands toward heaven, and shout, “Thank You, God!” Add to THAT, the fact that these most-reassuring words came from a child just two-and-a-half years old. Her proclamation revealed that she was listening, learning, and grasping the Gospel truth of God’s love in Christ.

Courtney had heard these words many times already: repeatedly in church, during Sunday school class, and at home from her father and me. She and her brother could sing in unison, “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so!” And also because of her Baptismal faith, she was able to share what she knew already—that Jesus still loved me. In the moment of her mother’s panic, these very words were the first to come to her little heart and mind, the first to tumble out of her mouth, praise the Lord. They were the most comforting words I could hope to hear.

So, Mommy, no matter what mess-ups, failures, or frustrations (large or small) come your way and threaten to ruin your day; no matter how many ways the evil one may try to get a foothold as you parent your precious children, remember that “It’s gonna be okay, Mommy!” Jesus, your Savior, loves you in spite of your failures and in the midst of every detail of life. Nothing can separate you from His love. “Nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:39). 

By the way, I successfully retrieved those groceries. They weren’t even spoiled!

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Adapted from Raising Godly Girls

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Deb Burma

Deb is an author, speaker, and youth ministry volunteer at Peace Lutheran Church in Columbus, Nebraska, where her husband, Cory, serves as pastor.

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