Books of the Bible Study Questions: Galatians

    When I think of the Book of Galatians, I automatically think of the fruit of the Spirit (and then I start singing the little song I learned in grade school to memorize the verses). To be sure, that section is jam-packed with Gospel goodness, but we often forget about the other gold nuggets found in this epistle.

    If you’re looking for a guide for your personal or small group study, these free study questions will walk you through the Book of Galatians section by section. Broken down into manageable chunks, each section has an open-ended question and possible answer. Download, save, and print the questions—and then use them in your home, church, or school to dig deeper into God’s Word.

    Each month, we’re going to be bringing you free downloadable Bible study questions for a different book of the Bible. Check back in June for our next study!

    Get your study questions!

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