The Pastoral Desk Diary is designed specifically for Lutheran pastors. No need to settle and attempt to make traditional planners work to fit your ministry needs—this desk diary is expertly and clearly laid out so Lutheran pastors can successfully organize pastor-specific duties in addition to appointments and the like.

    Pastoral Desk Diary is more than just a calendar; this comprehensive planner also contains these helps:

    • Yearly, monthly, and weekly planning and note-taking resources
    • Aids for liturgical planning and lectionary information for LCMS (3-Year and 1-Year), WELS (3-Year), and ELCA/RCL (3-Year) church bodies
    • The Lutheran Service Book Daily Lectionary and the feasts, festivals, and commemorations in LSB
    • System to conveniently log pastoral calls, pastoral acts, appointments, and notes

    The 6″ × 9″ spiral-bound planner can easily lay flat on a desk or conveniently be carried around on pastoral visits and calls.

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      12 Responses

      1. Bill Shupe

        This looks great! But I don’t really want a bound copy.

        Will it be possible to purchase a pdf, printed unbound(an no holes), or a set punched for the ARC system?

      2. I haven’t used a paper desk diary for years. I use Google calendar so that it is available over multiple devices. How about developing a calendar that can be added to Google calendar with all the liturgical info, feasts, lessons, etc?

          1. Paul Beisel

            Dcs. Hanson, I tried doing that and it does nothing. I import it to my Google Calendar for the 2017-2018 One Year series and it doesn’t show up in the Google Calendar.

      3. Rev. Terry Obrien

        This looks like a first-class product, but I quit using paper planners a long time ago. I would probably buy it in a heartbeat if it could be made available as an app for Apple products.

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